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Testing laboratory
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PCA, No. AB 080

Established in 1989
Radiographic Testing [RT]

Radiographic Testing [RT]:

  • Classical and computed radiography
  • Testing of welded joints of metal structures
  • Testing of machinery parts and castings
Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography:

  • Digitisation of classical radiographs, archiving on digital media
  • Radiography on IP plates [memory imaging plates]
  • Thickness measurement of pipes on the basis of digital radiographs
  • Computed analysis of images, teleradiology
Ultrasonic Testing [UT]

Ultrasonic Testing [UT]:

  • All structural materials, including DUPLEX steel
  • Testing of welded joints of metal structures
  • Testing of metallurgical products: plates, rails, pipes
  • Testing of machinery parts: gear wheels and pulleys, shafts
  • Thickness measurements of structural elements
UT-PA Testing [Phased Array]

UT-PA Testing [Phased Array]:

  • Testing of welded joints and metallurgical products and machinery parts with ultrasonic methods with use of phased array probes. Testing in A-scan, C-scan, B- scan and sector scans. Comprehensive computed analysis of testing results.
Penetration and Magnetic Testing [PT] [MT]

Penetration and Magnetic Testing [PT] [MT]:

  • Detection of surface and subsurface cracks of various structural elements and machinery parts
Ferrite content measurement

Ferrite content measurement:

  • Measurement of percentage content in austenitic welds
Endoscopic testing

Endoscopic testing:

  • Observation of unavailable spaces, e.g. inner surfaces of heat exchanger pipes, inner tank surfaces by means of industrial optical endoscopes
Services and training

Services and training:

  • Guarantee and post-guarantee inspections of RT equipment from BALETAU
  • Training and examination of NDT personnel
  • Training and examination of welders, renewal of welder’s certifications


 News from 2016-06-15

The TankRob project is the third European Scientific and Research project - after the FilmFree and Picasso projects - in the field of non-destructive testing, in which Technic-Control participates.

The project involves companies and institutions located in the United Kingdom, Poland and Turkey:

  1. InnoTecUK - a specialist company dedicated to robotics, automatisation and monitoring and control systems in the field of non-destructive testing. The Project Leader.
  2. TWI - a non-profit British NDT research and development institute with expertise in non-destructive testing, having branches located throughout the world.
  3. London South Bank University – the university with extensive experience in the field of research and construction of industrial robotics.
  4. Technic-Control - a specialist non-destructive testing company based in Szczecin (Poland).
  5. Integrity NDT - a specialist non-destructive testing company based in Great Britain and Turkey.

The main goal of the project is to develop and commercially launch the latest version of an ATEX certified guided robot that will carry out Phased Array UT inspection of in-service large storage tanks, containing petrochemicals and hazardous products. The initial prototypes of such a robot have been already developed under the previous project named RobTank. The current project aims to significantly improve and upgrade the design so that it corresponds to the latest industry requirements, the current needs of industry and meets the strict safety requirements of work in aggressive and explosive environments.

The project started in May 2016 and estimated duration is two years.

Example prototype solutions that will be improved snd tested under the project:


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