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Testing laboratory
accredited by
PCA, No. AB 080

Established in 1989
Radiographic Testing [RT]

Radiographic Testing [RT]:

  • Classical and computed radiography
  • Testing of welded joints of metal structures
  • Testing of machinery parts and castings
Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography:

  • Digitisation of classical radiographs, archiving on digital media
  • Radiography on IP plates [memory imaging plates]
  • Thickness measurement of pipes on the basis of digital radiographs
  • Computed analysis of images, teleradiology
Ultrasonic Testing [UT]

Ultrasonic Testing [UT]:

  • All structural materials, including DUPLEX steel
  • Testing of welded joints of metal structures
  • Testing of metallurgical products: plates, rails, pipes
  • Testing of machinery parts: gear wheels and pulleys, shafts
  • Thickness measurements of structural elements
UT-PA Testing [Phased Array]

UT-PA Testing [Phased Array]:

  • Testing of welded joints and metallurgical products and machinery parts with ultrasonic methods with use of phased array probes. Testing in A-scan, C-scan, B- scan and sector scans. Comprehensive computed analysis of testing results.
Penetration and Magnetic Testing [PT] [MT]

Penetration and Magnetic Testing [PT] [MT]:

  • Detection of surface and subsurface cracks of various structural elements and machinery parts
Ferrite content measurement

Ferrite content measurement:

  • Measurement of percentage content in austenitic welds
Endoscopic testing

Endoscopic testing:

  • Observation of unavailable spaces, e.g. inner surfaces of heat exchanger pipes, inner tank surfaces by means of industrial optical endoscopes
Services and training

Services and training:

  • Guarantee and post-guarantee inspections of RT equipment from BALETAU
  • Training and examination of NDT personnel
  • Training and examination of welders, renewal of welder’s certifications
Accreditation Certificate
Accreditation Certificate of Testing Laboratory No AB 080

Accreditation Certificate of Testing Laboratory No AB 080

Zakres Akredytacji Nr AB-080

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The Quality that is not afraid of any control - check with the best!

utpa testingThis motto, for the sake of your interest has always accompanied.


We have been operating as a private owned company TECHNIC-CONTROL Sp. z o.o. since 1989 but our origins date back to the 70?s when we were the NDT Department of the former A. Warski Szczecin Shipyard not existing now.


We specialise in provision of services in the scope of non-destructive testing with the following methods: RT; UT; MT; PT; VT; LT; PMI. We also carry out hardness measurements and ferrite content measurements directly on the structures.








We provide services for such industrial sectors as:

Piping systems
Piping systems
Ships Offshore structures

Offshore structures

Offshore structures



We also offer services in the scope of supervision of non-destructive testing in the gas industry sector.


Gas industry sector Full-time employees of the company are experienced NDT inspectors. All of them have got the certificates of competence at Level 2 according to PN-EN ISO 9712 (PN-EN 473), and the supervision of the testing is carried out by the personnel at Level 3 according to the above mentioned standards.


Apart from non-destructive testing we provide services in the scope of training and examination of welders. We are the authorised training centre of TÜV Rheinland - Zabrze.



"Quality that is not afraid of any control - check with the best!"



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